Jetico Central Manager Installation

Jetico Central Manager software consists of two main modules:

Jetico Central Manager Console and Jetico Central Manager Database can be installed on different computers with Windows operating system or on the same computer.

The computer for installing Jetico Central Manager Console is typically the administration console computer where an administrator runs programs to control the enterprise network and client computers.

The computer for Jetico Central Manager Database should be a server computer that is always available in the enterprise network because client computers may send requests to the Database at any time.

The installation program installs Jetico Central Manager Console. Run the installation program on a computer that is suitable for running the Jetico Central Manager Console program.

The Jetico Central Manager Setup program uses the standard Windows method for installing software and provides all necessary explanations of the installation details. The only default information the user may want to change during installation is the Program Folder name for the Jetico Central Manager software and the Destination Directory name where to place program files.

All dialog windows of the Setup program have the following buttons:

Cancel - click this button to abort installation

Next - click this button to proceed with the installation

Back - click this button to return to the previous step

NOTE: The Jetico Central Manager Setup program also writes data to the Windows Registry database, places dynamic load libraries in the system WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, and prepares a file for the uninstall procedure. Please do not perform any manual manipulations to install or uninstall the Jetico Central Manager software in order to prevent the appearance of unused garbage software in the system directory or unused strings in the Registry database.

When you run Jetico Central Manager Console for the first time, the Jetico Central Manager Wizard will guide you through the installation process for the Jetico Central Manager Database module.

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