Wiping Agents

BCWipe Total WipeOut uses Wiping Agents, a bootable package that boots on the target system itself, to carry out the wiping job on the target system.

BCWipe Total WipeOut supports both network boot and boot from removable (CD or USB) drives.

Refer to the platform compatibility table below for compatibility with different boot media.

 Network BootCDUSB Drive
x86-compatible BIOSyesyesyes
x86 or x64 EFI-yesyes
Intel Mac systems-yesyes
Intel Itanium (IA64)-yesyes

Network Boot

The Network Boot tab shows current Network Boot status and basic configuration tips.

See the Preparing Environment for Network Boot chapter for details.

Boot from CD or USB Drive

The Boot from CD or USB Drive tab allows you to prepare boot media that enables system wiping either with or without network connection to BCWipe Total WipeOut server.

To prepare boot media:

  1. Select a Wiping Policy. If there will be no connection to the BCWipe Total WipeOut server, wiping will occur in Offline Mode.

  2. Click Download bootable CD .ISO image to download the .ISO image.
  3. Burn the .ISO image to a blank CD or DVD.
  4. If you are using a Windows system, you may also click Download USB Flash software, download and unzip the archive, and follow the wizard instructions that appear when you run MakeFlash.exe.