The Groups Area displays assets arranged into groups. Groups have hierarchical structure; subgroups within groups are allowed. Click the +/- icons to expand/collapse group structures.

The contents of the selected group will be displayed in the Work Area.

On small or low-resolution displays, the Groups Area can be hidden. Click the Left-arrow button to toggle the Groups Area.

View of the Groups Area

Default Group

BCWipe Total WipeOut creates a special default group automatically during installation. The default group is always displayed on top of the groups list.

New assets registered in BCWipe Total WipeOut are added to the default group automatically.

Auto Wipe

A group can be set to Auto Wipe Mode. In this mode wiping with predefined policy is started as soon a computer appears in this group. If Auto Wipe Mode is set for Default Group, wiping will start automatically on all newly added assets.

Auto Wipe Mode affects target asset boot time only. If you simply move an asset to Auto Wipe enabled group, wiping won't start immediately. To start wiping you have to reboot the asset.

Editing Groups

To modify the groups structure, click the pencil icon to the right of the "Groups" header: pencil icon

Supported operations are Add, Rename and Delete:

View of Groups window with Add, Rename and Delete buttons