Wiping Overview

BCWipe Total WipeOut Enterprise can wipe drives in either Online Mode or Offline Mode.

Online Mode

  1. Boot the wiping target with BCWipe Total WipeOut either over the network (1a) or from a CD or USB drive (1b).
  2. Upon wiping completion, BCWipe Total WipeOut can generate and send a wiping report to the server via the network.

Offline Mode

  1. Using a bootable CD or USB drive containing your preferred wiping policy (see Making a Bootable USB Drive), boot the target system. If booting from a CD, insert a USB flash drive as well to store wiping reports.
  2. Select and wipe drives on the target system.
  3. Import the wiping report from the USB drive to the database via the BCWipe Total WipeOut server (see Upload Offline Wipe Logs). A report can be generated after importing the data.