Post-install Configuration

BCWipe Total WipeOut Enterprise can be used for demonstration and evaluation purposes with the default settings created by the setup program.

To prepare the server for production, it is highly recommended that the database, security and server settings for network operations are configured as soon as possible after installation.

Database Settings

Database settings are stored in the file. See the Configuration Files chapter for detailed instructions.

Security Settings

BCWipe Total WipeOut Enterprise installs with the following default administrator account settings:

Please change the password for the admin account as soon as possible.

Server Settings for Network Operations

To access the server console from a remote computer, ensure that TCP port 8443 (default value; can be changed in the Configuration Files) is accessible to the remote computer. Create a permissive firewall rule if required.

To allow booting and wiping computers over the network, ensure that UDP port 69 is accessible for remote hosts. Create a permissive firewall rule if required.

Server addresses for wiping endpoints must be defined in the Server Settings admin section prior to any wiping operation.