Configuring bootable disk for automatic or manual running BCWipe Total WipeOut

The first step of configuration BCWipe Total WipeOut bootable disk is to select the automatic or manual way of running BCWipe Total WipeOut wiping functionality.

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Select the Boot computer and start wiping automatically option if you want to run BCWipe Total WipeOut automatically. If you select the option, you can also make BCWipe Total WipeOut ask to confirm wiping every hard drive by setting the Let me select drives for wiping.

Start wiping immediately option allows user to create boot media for unattended operation. It will wipe all target system's disks without asking a confirmation. This option is recommended for keyboardless systems.

Select the option Start BCWipe Total WipeOut in interactive mode to use BCWipe Total WipeOut in manual mode. Note that if you select the option, Configuration Wizard will skip the further steps of setting wiping options for automatic running BCWipe Total WipeOut.

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