Hexadecimal File Viewer

The BCWipe software includes Hexadecimal File Viewer utility.

By using the utility you can examine file contents after wiping. The utility is useful for investigating a quality of wiping process, for example when you use a custom wiping scheme. You should just set the View this file before deleting check box in the Wiping Options property page in the Delete with wiping dialog window. (See also the Delete With Wiping command for files and folders chapter).

Hexadecimal File Viewer window looks like:

 Image text

If you choose to view a group of files, then [X] - stop and [>>] - next buttons will be available in the upper right corner of the viewer window. Click NEXT to view the next file in the group. You can terminate viewing and continue wiping operation if you press STOP.

You can also run the viewer from the command line prompt. Use the arguments:

> BCView.exe [View Slack-( 1-view, 0-no(default ))]

You can change the viewer’s font and colors by right-clicking mouse on the viewer’s window. Note that Fixed Font is required for hexadecimal viewing, therefore only Fixed Font will be available in the Choose Font dialog window.