How to run BCWipe from the command-line prompt

You may run BCWipe commands to wipe free space on the disk and delete files or folders with wiping from the command line prompt.

This allows you to insert wiping commands to your batch (*.bat) files and then run the batch file when you wish to run a number of wiping procedures with custom parameters.

BCWipe Setup program installs the program BCWipe.exe to the directory you have chosen during installation.

All the commands of the BCWipe.exe program include the Mode parameter, which describes wiping scheme and can be one of the following:

Wipe free space

To wipe free space on hard drive partition, run BCWipe.exe with the following parameters:

BCWipe FreeSpace [-Mode] [-Options] [drive name]

> BCWipe FreeSpace -DoD -NoFileSlack -NoEmptyRecycleBin -NoDirEntries C:

Delete with wiping

To delete files or folders run BCWipe.exe this way:

BCWipe Delete [-Mode] [-Options] [file or folder name or @listFile] [file or folder name]...


> BCWipe Delete -PG -NoSwapFile -NoDirEntries -View C:\SecureData.doc
> BCWipe Delete C:\Test
will delete ALL FILES IN THE FOLDER , and REMOVE THE FOLDER ITSELF! Compare the command with the following one:

> BCWipe Delete C:\Test\*.*
In the last example BCWipe deletes files inside the Test folder, but does not delete the folder.

Swap file wiping

To wipe the swap file, run BCWipe.exe with the following parameters:

BCWipe WipeSwapFile [-Mode]

> BCWipe WipeSwapFile -UD1

File slacks wiping

To run BCWipe for wiping file slacks, run BCWipe.exe with the following parameters:

BCWipe.exe FileSlack [-Mode] [-Options] [file or folder name or @listFile] [file or folder name]...

> BCWipe FileSlack -UD3 -View C:\Test.txt

Note that when you run BCWipe.exe with the FileSlack parameter, the program does not shred the file itself, it only wipes slack of the file. Neither contents of the file, nor its attributes become changed.

ATTENTION: the BCWipe.exe utility works without asking any additional confirmation for deleting files and for wiping free space on the disk. The program is designed so to provide a silent functionality when you run it from batch files.

Common options:

> BCWipe Delete -Hidden -LF "C:\BCWipe.log" –LS200 C:\Test\*.*