Schedule for running BCWipe tasks automatically.

Any existing task (except Transparent Wiping and Swap File Encryption) can be run manually by running the Start the selected task now command in the Tasks menu of BCWipe Task Manager, or using the toolbar button.

To make BCWipe run a wiping task automatically, select Schedule tab in the task properties window.

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NOTE: A user does not have to be logged on at the time when the task starts. Just be sure that the computer is turned ON, and the task will run. No user interaction is required; the task is running in the background and no reports are displayed on the screen. The current status of a running task is reported in the Status column of BCWipe Task Manager. Use the log file to see task progress and wiping results. To open the assigned log file, run the View log file command in the right-click menu of the selected task. Use the Terminate command to cancel the process.

BCWipe supports the following types of schedules: