Wipe Internet History task

BCWipe Task Manager can be set to automatically wipe all traces of your Internet browsing history stored on your computer. Traces include: Internet Cache (Temporary Internet Files), Cookies, History, saved passwords, last active tabs, typed addresses, etc. To wipe all these items, create a new task by selecting the Create new task command from the Tasks   menu in BCWipe Task Manager. The following picture illustrates the dialog window that appears when you run the command and select the Wipe Internet History task.

 Image text

Check the box, corresponding to the item that you wish to be wiped.
BCWipe v.5 supports the following web browsers:

NOTE: For Internet Explorer, some special files like "index.dat" may be locked by the system and cannot be wiped during a Windows session. In this case, BCWipe will rename those files to its own temporary directory and will wipe them at system startup.

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