Process Options

Wiping process can be configured to perform additional actions, like writing main steps to a log file, shutting down computer or logging off the current user after finishing the process. If you select the Process Options property page when you run Wipe Free Space or Delete With Wiping command, the following window appears:

 Image text

What do you want to do when the process finishes? Since wiping may be time-and-resource-consuming procedure, you may run it at the time when you leave computer. In this case you can instruct BCWipe to shut down computer or log off current user when BCWipe finishes its job.

Use log file. If you set the option, BCWipe will write reports about results of the process to a log file. You can select the log file by clicking ... . As well, you can open the existing file with Log Viewer if you click LogView, or with Notepad (Notepad) or erase contents of the log file by clicking Clear content.
To avoid unlimited growing of the log file you can use one of two ways. First, instruct BCWipe to erase reports about previous wiping processes by setting the Truncate previous content radio-button. Second way is to allow BCWipe to keep reports about many wiping processes, but set maximum size of the log file by setting the Append to previous content radio-button.

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