New Features in BCWipe v.6

With this new version, BCWipe moves towards more reliable privacy protection and higher performance.

BCWipe v6 includes the following new features:
  1. Reserved space for large disks.
    Wipe Free Space is time-comsuming process. On modern large disks with terabytes of free space it may take several days to complete. Reserved Space functionality of BCWipe is intended to save the time by preserving the wiped space in clean state.
  2. Wipe directory slacks on NTFS drives.
    NTFS direcrtory is a special file that contains names of files and subdirectories. Disk cluster that belongs to a directory is named directory node. Directory node has a slack (space from the end of directory data up to the end of cluster). Slack of the directory node may still contain name of the deleted file, as well as other deleted data. BCWipe can now wipe slack space in directories.
  3. Wipe temporary data stored in NTFS transaction log file.
    NTFS is a journaling file system, it uses the NTFS Log ($LogFile) to record file system usage history. BCWipe v6 optionally takes care about these data.
  4. Wiping free space - without 'low disk space' condition.
    Previous versions of BCWipe allocated all available disk space for a short time and Windows displayed the 'Low disk space' warning message. Using the smart technology, BCWipe can now overwrite free space without getting into 'Low disk space' condition..
  5. MFT wiping - faster and more skilful than ever.
    When wiping free space and unused MFT records, BCWipe v6 wipes MFT several times faster than the previous version.
    When wiping a file, BCWipe v6 wipes corresponding MFT record.
  6. New wiping standards:
  7. Since version 6.02 BCWipe supports Windows 8 operating system. BCWipe works with Storage Spaces (a new capability that can combine multiple hard drives into a single virtual drive) just as it would for a simple disk partition. Users won't need to waste time to wipe the huge amount of virtual disk space. BCWipe is smart enough to distinguish free allocated space and free not-allocated space that was never used and does not require wiping.

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