Alarm Crash Hotkey

BestCrypt Volume Encryption allows the user to assign a hotkey combination that will force the system to crash in case of emergency.

It is possible to imagine a case when the user works on computer with mounted encrypted volumes and someone attempts to take away the computer in working state. Yes, the user can turn off the computer, but as Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys article states, RAM memory still can store encryption keys for seconds and even dozens of seconds. So the keys can be extracted even if the user turns off the computer.

If instead of turning off the computer the user presses Alarm Crash Hotkey, BestCrypt Volume Encryption will not only restart the computer immediately, but will also wipe all encryption keys from memory.

To set the Hotkey, run the Options->Alarm Crash Hotkey command. The following window will appear:

Alarm Crash Hotkey settings

To set the hotkey, set focus to Hotkey editbox and press key combination you want to use for crashing computer in emergency case. The hotkey may include Alt and Control keys.

Alarm Crash Hotkey notes: