Rescue Bootable CD, USB or Floppy Disk

BestCrypt Volume Encryption supports encrypting System and Boot volumes.

If Boot or System volume is encrypted and physical damage of the volume occurs, it will be impossible to boot computer. BestCrypt Volume Encryption suggests the user should create Rescue Bootable CD or Rescue Bootable USB drive, or Rescue Bootable Floppy Disk. The disk contains Rescue File and special recovering program that starts just after booting computer from the disk.

To save rescue data run Rescue->Save Rescue Data command. If system or boot volumes is not encrypted on the computer, the program will suggest the user save rescue file to some safe location, for example, to removable disk or remote server.

If system or boot volume is encrypted, after running the Save Rescue Data command, the following dialog window will appear.

Main Rescue Window

Select first option in the dialog window to create Rescue Bootable CD or DVD disk. The program creates file with ISO image of the Bootable CD/DVD with the Rescue File. Then you should run any CD burning software that can burn ISO files (i.e. files with *.iso extensions) to CD. (Read about ISO image files and programs that are able to burn the files correctly on

Select second option to create Rescue Bootable USB removable disk. BestCrypt Volume Encryption will look for an appropriate USB removable disks on the computer and will display them.

Recovering Boot Volume

Select USB disk that you want to use as Rescue Bootable USB drive and click OK. BestCrypt Volume Encryption will start Windows formatting procedure for the disk and create the Rescue File on the formatted disk.

Note that this functionality requires that your hardware is able to boot from USB removable devices. To boot the computer from USB device, 'USB disk' or 'USB Zip/LS' must be set as the first boot device in BIOS.

It is also possible to create Rescue Bootable Floppy Disk if such a device is available on the computer. After selecting corresponding option in the Save Rescue Data window the program will ask you to insert floppy disk and copy all necessary data for recovering System/Boot volumes to inserted floppy disk.

Note that BestCrypt Volume Encryption will overwrite all contents of the disk you are going to use for recovering purposes. Please verify that the disk does not contain any important data.

If accidental damage of System or Boot volume occurs and you cannot boot computer, please use the following steps to recover the volume(s):

Typical view of the recovering process looks like:

Recovering Boot Volume

When the process of recovery decryption finishes, remove the Rescue Bootable Disk and reboot the computer so that normal boot process would run.

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