Mounting and Dismounting Volumes

When the user has permanently encrypted volume, BestCrypt Volume Encryption software transparently decrypts all the data when reading from the volume if it is opened for access. In terms of BestCrypt Volume Encryption software, encrypted volume is mounted when it is opened for access and volume is dismounted if the software does not transparently decrypt it and access to plain data is impossible.

To mount encrypted volume select the volume in main window of BestCrypt Volume Encryption and run Volume->Mount Encrypted Volume command. The software will ask you to enter passphrase for the volume. After entering a proper password BestCrypt Volume Encryption will start transparent decrypting of the volume and its data will become available for the user.

If you use SafeNet eToken device to store encryption key for the volume, the eToken must be inserted to USB port and passphrase for the eToken must be entered when BestCrypt Volume Encryption asks for the passphrase. The software does not give any hints in the Enter password window concerning eToken device because of security reasons: nobody else except legal user should know whether eToken is used for the volume or not.

To dismount encrypted volume select the volume in main window of BestCrypt Volume Encryption and run Volume->Dismount Encrypted Volume command. BestCrypt Volume Encryption will stop transparent decrypting of the volume and access to plain data from the volume will be impossible.

eToken with encryption key for volume is required only for mounting the volume. After that you can remove the eToken from USB port and continue normal work with mounted volume. The volume can be dismounted at any time by running Volume->Dismount Encrypted Volume command. The way of managing eTokens is chosen to minimize advertizing your use of eToken. Besides, it minimizes risk of losing eToken device.

Note: If user tries to dismount an encrypted volume with open files or windows from that volume, BestCrypt Volume Encryption will send the warning message. To keep integrity of data on the volume, it is strongly recommended to close all related files and applications before dismounting.

Note: If you want to reformat an encrypted volume, it is recommended to dismount it first. If mounted volume is reformatted, BCVE will encounter an error in defining encryption status of the volume.