What is the BestCrypt Data Encryption System?

BCTextEncoder is also distributed as a part of BestCrypt Data Encryption System.

BestCrypt Data Encryption System for Windows and Linux operating systems allows users to keep any form of data (files, letters, pictures, databases) in encrypted form on the hard disk, networks disks, removable disks, CD-ROMís and floppies. BestCrypt then lets user access it from any application.

Using BestCrypt you can create a container file (for example, you may create a 5Mbyte container file called LETTERS.jbc). Then you can mount this container as an additional logical drive: it will show up in Windows as an additional 5Mbyte virtual disk. When mounted, this logical drive looks and operates just like an ordinary disk drive: you can store your files on it. All files stored on the disk are automatically encrypted. Every read operation, which addresses the drive, causes decryption of the data, and every write operation causes encryption of data to be written. This approach is called transparent encryption. Using this system, your data are always stored in encrypted form and appear decrypted only in the application you use to process them, and only while they are being processed.

The following picture shows the BestCrypt Control Panel, used to perform all control operations (creating and mounting containers, setting BestCrypt options and so on):

 Image text

BestCrypt uses encrypted logical disks technology to provide transparent encryption of your data. You only need to choose a drive letter and a password for your new BestCrypt logical drive. After password verification encrypted data become transparent for any application.

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To achieve maximum security, BestCrypt utilizes the well-known encryption algorithms:

BestCrypt has a number of additional features like Keyboard Filter, Containerís Guard Utility, HOTKEY and TIMEOUT options that allow a convenient work with encrypted data.

The common BestCrypt package contains additional utilities like BC Volume Encryption, wiping utility (BCWipe), compressed and encrypted archives (BCArchive) and BCTextEncoder.

We invite you to try a free trial of BestCrypt . You can download the fully-functional trial version of BestCrypt from our WWW-site: