Backup/Restore Local Key Database

Local Public Key Database saves your time, because when you add public key of other user to encrypted container, you do not need in accessing Internet to download the public key again. It is recommended to backup (or export) the database file regularly and save the file on a reliable storage medium. If in future you decide to change your computer or reinstall the software, you can restore (or import) the database from the backup copy.

To save (export) Local Key Database run Public Key Manager utility from BestCrypt Program Folder or from Utilities menu of BestCrypt Control Panel. In the main window of the program run the Export to File command from the Database menu. BC Key Manager will ask you to enter path and name for the file where you want to save your Local Public Key Database.

To restore Local Key Database from earlier saved (exported) database, run the Import from File command from the Database menu. The program will ask you to enter path and name for the database file. After that BC Key Manager will copy the database to the folder where the software is installed and start to use the database you have imported.

You can also change the location of the Local Key Database by running the Choose Store Folder command from the Database menu of the BC Key Manager utility.