Send your public key to another person

If you want to receive encrypted data from another person, the data have to be encrypted by your public key, so you should send the public key to the person. You can use BestCrypt Text Encoder to simplify the process of sending the public key by e-mail in the following way.

Please run Run BC Text Encoder and choose Manage Key Database menu. It bring up the BC Key Manager dialogue. Run the Send Public Key to E-Mail Recipient command from the Key menu. BC Key Manager will show you a list of all public keys in your Local Public Key Database. Select your public key from the list and press the OK button.

BC Key Manager will run your default e-mail program and prepare e-mail with empty recipient and encoded public key, written in the PKCS#12 format (so called x.509 certificate). All that you have to do is to enter e-mail address of the recipient and send the e-mail.

What your recipient should to do when he/she receives public key attached to e-mail?

The recipient should add the attached public key to the BC Key Manager Local Key Database on his/her computer in the following way: