Add Public Key/Password to existing archive file

To get access to the data stored inside encrypted BCArchive file (i.e. open the archive), you must enter the appropriate password for the archive. Hence, if you want other person to be able to open the archive too, you have to reveal the password to the person . In many cases it is not very good practice: for example, if you have other encrypted archives encrypted with the same password. To overcome the problem you can add new password for your encrypted archive. There are two kinds of passwords you can add:

  1. Additional password for the archive. After opening archive run the Archive -> Add/Remove Key -> Add Password command and enter additional password for the archive.
  2. Public key of another person. The first way of adding password is very simple, but sometimes it is difficult to tell or send the password to another person in a secure way. Besides, your correspondent may receive many archives from many people, and it will be difficult for him/her to remember a lot of passwords for every encrypted archive.

    In this case public/secret key technology can be used. Your correspondent should have his/her own public/private key pair generated. The public key of the user is not a secret and it is available for everyone. As for the corresponding secret key, the user stores it in a very secure place. If you encrypt some data with a public key, the data can be decrypted only by the person who knows the corresponding secret key.

    Hence, if you encrypt BCArchive file with public key of another person, only that person will be able to decrypt the data. To make it possible, you should add public key of the person to existing archive file by running the Archive -> Add/Remove Key -> Add Public Key User command.

You can find the public key of another user in two places:

  1. In Local Public Key Database. If you have received the public key from the user earlier, or found it in Internet, you could place it to the Local Public Key Database. If so, run the Add/Remove Key -> Add Public Key User command from the Archive menu and add the corresponding key.
  2. In Internet. BCArchive allows searching of the userís public key in Internet and adding the key to the archive you have created. Since BCArchive supports PKCS #12 and X.509 standards, you can use existing public key servers to download and use the keys of other people.

    If you run the Archive -> Add/Remove Key -> Add Public Key User command, BCArchive will show the BC Key Manager dialog. In the Key menu of the dialog run the Add Existing Public Key -> Search in The Internet command.

    Dialog window appears where you should select some predefined Web server where public keys of thousands of people are stored. You may enter name of the person or his/her e-mail address or other information and run searching process of the public key of the person. As soon as the program finds the key, you can save it in the Local Public Key Database for future use of the public key.

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