New features in Jetico Central Manager v.2

  1. Version 2 of Jetico Central Manager can control BestCrypt Container Encryption, BCWipe and BestCrypt Volume Encryption software on client computers. Jetico Central Manager software architecture is designed so that support of other utilities can easily be added in future.
  2. Jetico Central Manager v.1 (initially known as BestCrypt Corporate Edition) requred installation in Windows network with Domain Controller. The new version 2 of Jetico Central Manager also uses all the advantages provided by Domain Controller network, but now it is not an absolute requirement. The new version can work in a network without Domain Controller. Furthermore, the Administrator of Jetico Central Manager can manage a mixed network environment, including all workstations in Windows Domain as well as guest computers not permanently included in the Domain.
  3. Jetico Central Manager uses a platform-independent encrypted TCP/IP protocol for client/server communication. Together with independence of Windows Domain Controller protocols, this allows the software to manage Jetico client software running on computers with non-Windows operating systems. The upcoming releases of BestCrypt for Linux and MacOS will include client modules similar to the ones developed for Windows versions of the software and can be managed by Jetico Central Manager software.
  4. Jetico Central Manager v. 2 allows an Administrator to use Push and Manual deployment methods. Administrator can also use a third-party program (e.g., Microsoft SCCM, LANDesk) to deploy Jetico client software on remote computers (so called Outside method).
  5. Jetico Central Manager provides detailed logging of events happening on remote computers as well as logging of all actions run by an Administrator in the Jetico Central Manager Console. The user can configure the log output.
  6. Administrator of Jetico Central Manager can create reports in HTML format about the current state of Jetico software on client computers.
  7. Administrator can group Computers in Jetico Central Manager Database and then control a group of computers as if they were a single computer. For example, an Administrator can set a common BCWipe wiping task for such a group; then if the Administrator changes the task, it would automatically be changed for all computers in that group.
  8. Jetico Central Manager implements two-level database administration: by Supervisor and by Administrator. Supervisor can run all control functions and can delegate rights to Administrator; Supervisor can change Administrator credentials or remove Administrator account at any time.

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