Benefits of BestCrypt

Strong Security

Once written to a BestCrypt file (container), data is never stored in an ‘open’ condition. Yet BestCrypt’s smooth operation and complete transparency allow any authorized user to get instant access to the data.

BestCrypt's advanced data encryption and authorization technology provides a new level of security with standard, proven and published cryptographic algorithms, safe password input and transparent encryption.

Proven Encryption Methods

It is very important for a trusted security system to use open, published encryption methods to allow professionals to verify its reliability. BestCrypt allows users to encrypt data with many encryption algorithms, known as strong algorithms. Every algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm's specification:

AES (Rijndael)256-bit key
Blowfish448-bit key
CAST128-bit key
GOST 28147-89256-bit key
RC6256-bit key
Serpent256-bit key
Twofish256-bit key

BestCrypt is designed so that adding or removing some of its modules does not require recompiling and/or reinstalling other BestCrypt modules. To add a new encryption algorithm, you can use the special embedded utility - BestCrypt Plug-in Manager.

Encryption Mode

Since version 8, BestCrypt utilizes XTS encryption mode with AES (Rijndael), RC6, Serpent, and Twofish encryption algorithms. XTS mode is more secure than other popular modes used in earlier versions (like LRW and CBC modes).

Using in Network

BestCrypt software for Windows operating systems can use any network drive for creating and accessing file-containers. This network drive can be shared by a computer with any operating system, such as UNIX-like operating systems (OSF/1, LINUX, BSD, SunOS, AIX and others), Windows, MacOS and others.

BestCrypt virtual drives look like usual local drives, and any software or operating system utility will work with these virtual drives in the usual way. As an example of this feature, BestCrypt virtual drives can be shared in a network in the same way as other local drives.

Easy to Use

BestCrypt is easy to use: You need only to enter the correct password. After password verification, access and use of the encrypted data become transparent for any application. No further action is needed to keep new or altered data in the secure encrypted form.

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