Why do you need BestCrypt?

BestCrypt is oriented to a wide range of users. Whether you are in business and work with an accounts database, or you are a developer who is designing a new product, or you keep your private correspondence on your computer, you will appreciate a security system that restricts access to your data.

With the advent of mass storage systems, a tremendous amount of information can be carried conveniently on even a small notebook computer. What happens to all this information if the computer is stolen at an airport?

Suppose someone gains access to your computer without your knowledge. Do you know if your data has been copied and given to someone else?

What about the information retained on floppy disks? On portable hard drives? On network drives, where administrators and maybe others can read all unencrypted files? Of course, there are a number of security systems offered for computers, but here is the most important point:

The main advantage of BestCrypt is that it is the most powerful, proven protection tool, based on cutting-edge technology, and available now for public use. Its mathematical basis was developed by outstanding scientists to keep all kinds of classified governmental documents and letters in deep secrecy.

BestCrypt has a strong, built-in encryption scheme and contains no "backdoor". A "backdoor" is a feature that allows authorities with legal permission to bypass protection and to access data without the permission of the owner. Many commercial and government-certified systems contain backdoors, but not BestCrypt. The only way to access the data secured by BestCrypt is to have the correct password.