Strong Password Guidelines

Although BestCrypt utilizes the best in data encryption technology it cannot protect you if you choose a weak password for your container easily guessed by a savvy malicious person.

When choosing new passwords it is strongly advised to follow these simple rules for greatly enchanced security:

For example, weak passwords include your personal information which includes your licence plate number, mother's maiden name, pet name, social security number, student id, past or current telephone number and birthday dates. This information can be easily obtained after a simple investigation. Other examples of weak passwords are dictionary words like "secret" or common sequenses of symbols in one keyboard row like "qqq", "qwerty", or "12345" including all of the above but in alternative language locale. These passwords can all be easily cracked by simple dictionary search.

Examples of strong passwords follow above guidelines but utilize several tricks to make memorization easier. For example choose some phrase you can easily remember and use first letters of each word for password mixing lower and upper case and replacing words like "for" and "to" with "4" and "2". We cannot give you an example of such a password here because once printed in this guide this password, although strong, will become a dictionary word and anyone attempting to crack your BestCrypt container will surely try this password. This again stresses the importance of being creative when choosing a strong password for your container.