BestCrypt Traveller Mode

BestCrypt Traveller software allows quickly accessing encrypted container files created by BestCrypt software.

BestCrypt Traveller starts working without installation of the software. The user runs a single executable file (BCTraveller.exe), standard BestCrypt icon appears in Windows system tray where from the user can run commands to mount or dismount container files.

BestCrypt Traveller Icon

BestCrypt Traveller is a freeware utility, it does not require installation, registration or licensing. So travelling user can download it from any place in the world and access his/her encrypted data. The user can also store a single BestCrypt Traveller executable on removable disk together with encrypted containers and access the data on any computer that may be temporarily available during a trip.

BestCrypt Traveller supports containers encrypted by any Encryption Algorithm and any Key Generator available in BestCrypt. On the other hand, since the software appears on computer as a guest program, it does not install a number of powerful modules of its big brother - BestCrypt. It concerns Container Guard Utility, Swap File Encryption module, Keyboard Filter, module allowing mounting containers as NTFS folders, multiuser functionality, encryption with public key.

NOTE: the user must have administrator privileges to run BestCrypt Traveller software.