Container Guard Utility

BestCrypt Container Guard Utility is an integrated part of the BestCrypt system. The utility monitors file system operations and protects file-containers from unauthorized deletion or removal. If you try to delete a file-container using, for example, Windows Explorer, an error report about file sharing violation error will appear.

Unfortunately, the utility may conflict with other residential software installed on your computer. Or there may be a reason to edit or delete experimental BestCrypt containers from the disk. In these cases you may disable the utility by the following ways:

  1. Select Disable command in Utilities-->Container Guard Utility menu of BestCrypt Control Panel.
  2. Click Guard Utility icon  Container Guard enabled on the toolbar. The icon will be replaced with  Container Guard disabled to remind you that the utility is disabled.

  1. In Windows, only users with administrative privileges have the right to disable the Guard Utility. This feature allows administrators to prevent inexperienced users from disabling the utility and accidentally deleting BestCrypt containers.
  2. The Guard Utility protects containers only on a computer where the BestCrypt software is installed. Be careful when containers are stored on drives of computers where BestCrypt is not installed, because any user who has access to those drives can delete or move the files.
  3. The Guard Utility protects files with JBC extension of the name. If you rename a container and change the extension, Guard Utility will not protect it.