Hardware Acceleration

BestCrypt utilizes set of machine instructions in the latest Intel processors that run rounds of AES encryption algorithms on a hardware level. As a result, speed of AES encryption module of the software utilizing AES-NI instructions increases up to 5 times and may become more than 1000 MB/sec. Overall increase of speed of disk operations on the encrypted volumes becomes higher for about 30%.

BestCrypt has two modules that perform AES encryption: with software and hardware implementations of the encryption algorithms. If there is no support of AES-NI instructions on the computer, the software uses software implementation of AES. If AES-NI is supported, then the user has a choice to use or not to use the hardware support. Personal considerations of the user, or company, or some agency policy may do not allow using the hardware implementation, so the software has the option allowing to turn it off.

To control state of the AES hardware acceleration support, one should run the Options --> Hardware Acceleration command:

 Hardware Acceleration option tab

If supported by the processor, Hardware Acceleration option is enabled by default. To disable it, user should remove check from the corresponding checkbox.

Note: Hardware Acceleration command is disabled (greyed out) if the processor does not support AES-NI instructions.

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