The easiest way to install and configure BestCrypt system is to use the BestCrypt Setup program, supplied on the installation disk.

Setup copies all necessary files to your hard disk and inserts needed lines into the Windows Registry database. To install the BestCrypt system, run bcryptSetup.exe. It is recommended that you exit all Windows programs before running the Setup.

BestCrypt setup uses the standard Windows way to install software and provides all necessary explanations. After accepting the License Agreement, you will get the opportunity to choose Program Folder location and a set of utilities that will be installed together with BestCrypt:

Select BestCrypt Utilities window

If you select some utility on the left pane, you will see a short description of the utility on the right pane.

Then you will be asked to enter a license information for BestCrypt:

All dialog windows of the Setup program have the following buttons:

Cancel - click this button to abort installation

Next - click this button to proceed with installation

Back - click this button to return to previous step of installation

After successful installation, Setup will ask you to restart your computer. This is because the BestCrypt drivers need to be loaded into the computer memory before you begin to use the BestCrypt system.

NOTE: The BestCrypt setup program also writes information to the Windows Registry database, places driver files in the Windows system directory, and prepares the file for uninstall procedure. Please do not manually alter or delete any program files belonging to BestCrypt; otherwise you risk unused software in the system directory and unused strings in the Registry database.