What is BestCrypt?

BestCrypt is the product that provides the most comprehensive level of data security for personal computers today. When BestCrypt is installed in your computer, it keeps your confidential data private in encrypted form to prevent unauthorized reading and information leaks.

Easy-to-use BestCrypt software has been developed to simplify all control procedures as well as to satisfy all security requirements. The only action needed is to create a container file on the hard disk and to mount this container to a virtual drive.

Container: encrypted disk image created by user with BestCrypt Control Panel. It can be mapped (mounted) to a virtual drive, managed by the BestCrypt driver. All files stored in the virtual drive are stored in the mounted container in encrypted form. You can have as many containers as you want.

Every container has its own password. You specify the password when you create a container and use the same password when you open the virtual drive linked to the container. Using BestCrypt Control Panel, you can change the password for the specified container.

Virtual drive: a virtual device created and managed by the BestCrypt driver. You use virtual drives to access the encrypted data and files stored in containers.

To access the data, you mount the appropriate container to the selected virtual drive and open the virtual drive using the container's password. When you finish your work, it's useful to close the virtual drive. Closing the virtual drive with the BestCrypt Control Panel makes access impossible for users who lack the password. To gain access again, you must enter the appropriate password.

Should your computer lose power, all virtual drives are closed automatically and the keys generated by the passwords disappear. To regain access to the virtual drives, it is necessary to re-enter the passwords after the computer re-boots.

Password: a secret sequence of letters and/or numbers used to gain access to a virtual drive. A password should be specified while creating the container.

The password should be difficult to guess. Once guessed or calculated, a password can be used by an unauthorized person to read your sensitive data. To make a good password, use unusual words and digits as well as SHIFT, CTRL and ALT keys clicked simultaneously with letters or digits. Never enter short passwords containing a single common word, for example, "system" or "John".

Note: If you forget a password, you will completely lose the ability to access your data.

The BestCrypt encryption method does not allow you to "recover" information without knowing the password. Do not forget the password! You may wish to write it down on paper and put the paper into a guarded safe.

When opened, a virtual drive looks like an ordinary disk and you can store your files on it. Every read operation on the virtual drive causes decryption of the data, and every write operation causes encryption of data to be written. This approach is called transparent encryption. So, your data are always stored in safe, encrypted form and appear in the natural form to the applications you use to process the data.