BestCrypt Specifications and Limitations

Local hard drives and external drives

There are no limitations on the number or type of Local and External Drives used as storage media for BestCrypt encrypted containers. SCSI and IDE hard drives, removable media drives, magneto-optical devices, RAM drives, CD-ROM drives and others may be used.

Network resources

Any network resource from a computer with any operating system that is accessible as a network disk from a Windows computer may be used to store and access the data on BestCrypt containers.

Virtual drives

You can use any number of virtual drives simultaneously.

Maximum size of BestCrypt container

Maximum size of container file is up to volume size for NTFS volumes, 4 GB for FAT32 and 2 GB for FAT16 formatted volumes.

Minimum size of BestCrypt container

Minimum size of a BestCrypt container is 10 MB.