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BestCrypt Volume Encryption

BestCrypt Volume Encryption software provides transparent encryption of all the data stored on fixed and removable disk devices.

BestCrypt Volume Encryption is the first software opening a new class of Volume Encryption products. With the software the user can encrypt the old MS-DOS style partition as well as modern volumes residing on a number of physical disk devices, for example Spanned, Striped, Mirrored or RAID-5 volumes.

BestCrypt Volume Encryption is easy to install and easy to use. With BestCrypt Volume Encryption the user encrypts volumes and gets access to them without keeping in mind all the aspects of physical location of the volume on disks.

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BestCrypt Container Encryption

The BestCrypt Data Encryption system provides the most comprehensive and easy-to-use secure data storage and access control facilities available.

BestCrypt uses renowned encryption algorithms and provides unmatched protection against unauthorized data access.

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BCWipe data wiping software from Jetico gives you peace of mind ‐ thanks to the confidence that your deleted files are securely erased and cannot be recovered. You can easily run wiping commands from Windows Explorer, from BCWipe Task Manager or from a command-line prompt.

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