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Categorized bctool command summary:

Category Command Notes
Creating containers bctool new or bcnew Create new container
bctool format or bcformat Create filesystem on container (format container)
bctool make_hidden Create hidden part in container
Mounting and unmounting containers bctool mount or bcmount Mount conatiner
bctool umount or bcumount Unmount container
Container maintainance bctool info or bcinfo Retreive public info on conatiner
bctool passwd or bcpasswd Change container's password
bctool add_passwd Add new password to container
bctool del_passwd Remove container's password
bctool reencrypt or bcreencrypt Reencrypt container with new key and cipher
bctool fsck or bcfsck Check container's filesystem
Advanced operations (experts only) bctool link Attach container to virtual drive
bctool unlink Detach container from virtual drive
bctool raw_link Attach file or block device to virtual drive. Swap space encryption

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