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BestCrypt Container Encryption for Linux to Encrypt Files & Folders

Bruce Scheier quote about BestCrypt

New Features & Added Benefits in v.3

  • Improved cross-platform compatibility
    Access BestCrypt-protected files on Linux, Windows, Mac and Android.
  • Enhanced usability
    Create a new container in just one click and view a progress bar of encryption operations with a revamped GUI.
  • Enhanced performance
    Perform several operations simultaneously.
  • Enhanced security
    - Add another layer of authentication on top of standard password protection with support for keyfiles;
    - Protect all passwords from brute-force attacks by using state-of-the-art hashing and salting functions;
    - Disguise encrypted files as random data by using containers with encrypted headers.
    - Protect container files from unauthorized or accidental commands with Container Guard - a unique feature of BestCrypt. NEW in v.3.1 
    - Dismount containers after inactivity as set by the user with Resident mode. NEW in v.3.1
  • Added convenience
    Mount containers in less time by enabling Resident mode, an automatic password prompt at startup. NEW in v.3.1
  • Binary packages for popular Linux distributions
    Deploy BestCrypt easily by downloading a one-click installer for:
    - Ubuntu 12.04+
    - Debian 7+
    - RedHat / CentOS 6+
    - Fedora 20+
    - Linux Mint 17+
    - LMDE 2+ (Linux Mint Debian Edition)
    - SLES 11.4 x64
    - To use BestCrypt on a different Linux distribution contact Jetico Technical Support

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