How to Permanently Delete Internet History on Brave

2 Apr 2020 | Jetico Technical Support

Brave is an ideal web browser for privacy-minded users. Yet traces of your Internet activities can still be recovered even after clearing your browsing history. Learn more about 3 key benefits of permanently deleting your browsing history.

In this blog we’ll show you how to permanently delete Internet History on Brave in just a few clicks with BCWipe.

Steps to Permanently Delete Internet History on Brave

First, if you haven't installed BCWipe, please do so. You can watch our how-to video to help. If you aren't ready to commit, the software is available for free trial.

Once you have successfully installed BCWipe…

  • Go to Start menu
  • Select ‘BCWipe’ and click ‘BCWipe Task Manager’

Once ‘BCWipe Task Manager’ opens…

  • Select the 'Tasks' tab from the menu
  • Choose 'Create new task'
  • Select 'Wipe Internet History'
Screenshot of Wipe internet history task
  • In the 'Internet History' tab select ‘Brave’ 
    Select one or more items you would like to permanently remove, for example ‘Saved Passwords’, ‘Bookmarks’, ‘History’, ‘Internet Cache’ or ‘Cookies’.
Screenshot of Internet history in Brave

Before clicking 'OK,' check the other tabs:

  • 'Schedule' to set a specific start time for the task (at user logon, at startup, at user logoff) or task frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • 'Wipe options' to switch between wiping schemes - see all wiping schemes supported.
  • 'Log file' to enable a logging function to record what was deleted.

Now, click ‘OK’ and review the wiping process.

The task will start automatically at the scheduled time.
To start it immediately, click the 'Play' icon in the toolbar after the task has been created.
You can follow the progress in the 'Status' field.

Screenshot of start wipe internet history

Happy Wiping!

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