BestCrypt Volume Encryption for Mac

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Screenshot main interface of BestCrypt Volume Encryption for Mac

Expanding on many years of Windows support, BestCrypt Volume Encryption is now available for Mac, both for single users or offices.

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World’s only OS agnostic tool

Built without backdoors, Jetico's encryption software delivers the world’s only OS agnostic tool to encrypt hard drives now also with central management, both in Cloud or On-Premise.

Manage mixed OS environments

BestCrypt delivers one console for simple management of encryption for both Windows and Mac computers.

Share files across Windows & Mac - not possible using FileVault

By being fully compatible with BestCrypt Volume Encryption for Windows, you can share encrypted files across both OSs. When considering how to encrypt an external hard drive, Mac and Windows must both be supported to securely and reliably access private data. Whichever operating system is used, BestCrypt will seamlessly care for customer data protection.


  • Encrypt hard drives 
  • Encrypt USB drives (access both on Macs & Windows PCs)
  • Support for most common types of native Mac volumes (APFS, Core Storage), including on Fusion Drives
  • Pre-boot authentication
  • Encrypt multiple volumes simultaneously
  • Rescue functions to decrypt volumes in case of emergency
  • Strong encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent, Twofish) with largest possible key size & most secure XTS encryption mode
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Jetico Central Manager

  • Jetico Central Manager Console for Enterprise Administrator
  • Web-based console for management over HTTPS
  • Remote deployment of client software
  • Policy distribution - including pre-set encryption policies for GDPR and HIPAA
  • Monitoring and inventory of all disk volumes
  • Centralized storage of rescue data and password recovery for emergency access to encrypted volumes
  • Management of multiple companies a single console (for Managed Service Providers)
  • For added convenience, can also run in the cloud -  try for free at
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