BestCrypt Development Kit

Encryption without Backdoors

This content can be helpful to evaluate BestCrypt security or to develop your own customized BestCrypt modules.


BestCrypt Development Kit (BDK) is a package of documentation and source codes for security analysts and third-party developers to:

  • Understand BestCrypt software architecture
  • Create plug-ins for BestCrypt (Encryption Algorithms or User Authentication modules)
  • Evaluate security level of the software (e.g., absence of 'backdoors' or potential weaknesses in the software)
  • Enhance existing security modules


BDK includes:

  • General architecture of the system
  • Functionality of BestCrypt Container Encryption modules
  • Functionality of security modules
  • Interfaces of security modules
  • Source codes of Encryption and Key Generation modules
  • Guide to write your own extension for BestCrypt Container Encryption
  • Guide to add or remove security modules


BDK contains source codes of version 8 of BestCrypt Container Encryption for Windows.


Download BestCrypt Development Kit