File & Disk Wipe Utility

Wipe Data with BCWipe


If not thoroughly cleaned, residual data known as Data Remanence, continues to exist after common activities, such as ‘deleting’ or moving a file. Standard file deletion only removes references to files while the contents remain intact on your hard drive in various places like free space and file slack. Confidential files you intended to erase could easily be restored with widely available undelete tools.


Wiping is a term used to describe the process of shredding contents of a file or disk space beyond recovery. Routine use of wiping tools can remove the pain of Data Remanence and truly protect your sensitive data from unwanted eyes.

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Use Cases for File & Disk Wipe Utility


Everyday ‘Cyber-Hygiene’

  • Securely erase selected files, including Data Remanence
  • Remove all traces of user activities, including Internet and local history
  • Wipe files from classified sessions on periods processing workstations (shared computers)

Incident Response

  • Clean up ‘classified data spills’ – when data resides somewhere it shouldn’t
  • Clearing files with untrusted data (potential malware)

End of Life Data Protection

  • Sanitization for computer disposal, decommission or repurpose
  • Clearing hard drives between classified programs
  • Hard drive with proprietary information fails under warranty and must be securely erased before returning to manufacturer
  • Donate used computers securely

How to Permanently Delete Files with BCWipe


BCWipe by Jetico is the most powerful and trusted data wiping utility, engineered for a wide range of users: from experts at large organizations handling national security to people at home concerned with personal privacy.


Wiping solutions from Jetico securely erase all traces of unwanted data beyond recovery.


Use BCWipe to wipe files selectively on active systems, such as for cleaning up data spills.

Selective wiping with BCWipe surgically removes unwanted files while still preserving your operating system and other data you want to keep. Residual data, known as Data Remanence, continues to exist after common activities, such as ‘delete’ a file. Be forensically clean with BCWipe.


Use BCWipe – Enterprise Edition for central management of wiping, with 'Enforcer mode' to run BCWipe remotely without end-user intervention.


BCWipe for Enterprise Data Protection

BCWipe for Personal Privacy


Use BCWipe Total WipeOut to erase entire hard drives before disposal, decommission or repurpose. 

Run from a bootable disk (CD/DVD or USB), BCWipe Total WipeOut completely wipes out all hard drive data – including boot records, filesystem structures, operating system files and service areas like Host Protected Area (HPA) and Device Configuration Overlay (DCO).


Licensing 'For Enterprises' allows wiping unlimited hard drives.


BCWipe Total WipeOut for Enterprise Data Protection

BCWipe Total WipeOut for Personal Privacy


Wiping Schemes


BCWipe complies with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD 5220.22-M) standard, U.S. Department of Energy (DoE M 205.1-2) standard and a set of other standard wiping schemes. You can also create and use your own customized wiping scheme to securely erase sensitive information from storage devices.


  Windows Mac Unix Total WipeOut
U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(ECE) - 7 passes
U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(E) - 3 passes
DoE M 205.1-2 (U.S. Department of Energy standard)
German VSITR standard
Bruce Schneier's recommended wiping scheme
Peter Gutmann method
British HMG IS5 (Baseline, Enhanced)    
Canadian RCMP TSSIT OPS-II    
Russian GOST R 50739-95    
US Army AR380-19    
One random pass
Create your own wiping scheme        
             BCWipe's Wiping Scheme Editor      
             Read custom scheme from a file  
1-pass zero  
1-pass test mode      

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