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BestCrypt for Linux v.3
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What's New:

  • Access containers on
    Linux, Windows, Mac & Android
  • Enhanced usability with revamped GUI
  • Overall performance boost
  • Enhanced security with support for keyfiles, hashing and salting functions

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Disk Encryption with BestCrypt Volume Encryption

Disk Encryption


Your computer gets lost or stolen... Are you safe?
BestCrypt Volume Encryption provides superior whole disk encryption for all the data stored on fixed and removable disk devices.


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Your laptop gets lost at the airport or a USB stick carrying your private data get misplaced. BestCrypt Volume Encryption delivers speed, flexibility and privacy for anyone concerned with protecting sensitive information on lost computers or stolen laptops.


Jetico’s leading-edge BestCrypt Volume Encryption is an evolved class of disk encryption products that allows users to encrypt:

  • Modern volumes residing on a number of physical disk devices, such as: Spanned, Striped, Mirrored, RAID-5 volumes.
  • Windows 8 Storage Spaces.
  • Old MS-DOS style disk partitions.

Benefits & Advantages

Prevent unintended data leaks

BestCrypt Volume Encryption protects all data on entire hard drives from leaking out. With Pre-Boot Authentication, BestCrypt Volume Encryption is loaded before your operating system so nobody can get access to any data on your computer or drive unless they have the right password or keys.


Painless encryption: work easily and transparently

BestCrypt Volume Encryption is really easy to use - once the password is verified, you can transparently access and use the data for any application. No further actions are needed to keep new or altered data in the secure encrypted state.


Superior whole disk encryption

Compared to full disk encryption, BestCrypt Volume Encryption offers the following added benefits:

  • More flexible solution (works on RAID)
  • More user-friendly method
  • Lighter performance impact


Support for UEFI-based computers - Secure Boot included

BestCrypt Volume Encryption allows encryption of boot/system volumes on computers with operating systems loaded according to Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).


Gain peace of mind with strong encryption algorithms

BestCrypt Volume Encryption utilizes strong encryption algorithms (AES, Serpent and Twofish). Each algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm's specification, all avalable with the most secure XTS encryption mode.


New Features & Added Benefits in v.3

Support for UEFI-based computers - Secure Boot included

BestCrypt Volume Encryption now allows encryption of boot/system volumes on computers with operating systems loaded according to Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).
Learn more about how we support Secure Boot for UEFI


Support for Windows 8

Once this commercial release occurs, Jetico users can continue to rely on BestCrypt Volume Encryption without interruption


Encrypt Windows 8 Storage Spaces

BestCrypt Volume Encryption, developed to encrypt any type of disk volume, now works with Storage Spaces (a new capability that can combine multiple hard drives into a single virtual drive) just as it would for a simple disk partition. Users won’t need to know anything about complicated disk structures that form Storage Spaces.


Faster initial encryption

If you have a new disk drive, or a disk with some garbage, run "Format and encrypt" process that avoids the long initial encryption of all unused disk space. All data written to the disk later will be encrypted.


Rapid, convenient reconfiguration with More robust support of encrypted disk volumes

To reconfigure the size, location or type of software RAID, earlier versions of the software first required decryption of the encrypted volumes. Now version 3 of BestCrypt Volume Encryption automatically adapts its internal information for encrypted volumes when changing their configuration.


Two-Factor Authentication with conventional removable disks (like USB sticks)

With version 3 of BestCrypt Volume Encryption, encryption keys can be moved to a removable storage.


Option to boot encrypted volumes from trusted network for added layer of security

Encryption keys of boot/system disk volumes are not stored on the local computer, but on a network server. Enterprises can now benefit from an additional level of security. Since encryption keys are stored on an enterprise server, access to encrypted computers will be only possible when connected to the enterprise network.


Overall performance boost from support for new machine instructions (AES-NI) in the latest Intel processors

As a result, speed of the AES encryption module utilizing AES-NI instructions increased up to 5 times. Disk access to the encrypted volumes now operate up to 30% faster.


Supports Trusted Platform Module (TPM) for unattended reboot

The feature is used to manage servers that are required to function around-the-clock. If such a server has boot/system volume encrypted, every reboot of the server requires pre-boot authentication. To solve the problem BestCrypt Volume Encryption uses TPM hardware module for unattended reboot.


Added convenience for mounting volumes and protection against accidental formatting

When Windows discovers that an encrypted removable volume has been connected, it asks for the volume to be formatted. In some cases, this resulted in accidental formatting of encrypted volumes. Version 3 of BestCrypt Volume Encryption now has the option to disable Windows formatting messages and offers an additional option to suggest mounting the volume for access.


Added support for other physical sector sizes

Disk devices with physical sector sizes other than 512 bytes are now supported in version 3 of BestCrypt Volume Encryption.


Encryption Algorithms

BestCrypt Volume Encryption allows encrypting data with many strong encryption algorithms. Each algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm's specification:

  • AES (Rijndael) - 256-bit key
  • RC6 - 256-bit key
  • Serpent - 256-bit key
  • Twofish - 256-bit key

Utilize XTS encryption mode





Alternative languages

Jetico is only responsible for the English language version. Yet many of our users have kindly contributed translations of the software so it appears in their native language. Jetico appreciates our open global community of dedicated users and enables the distribution of these user-contributed translations:



We express our gratitude to contributors and believe their work is appreciated by other users. If you would like to translate BestCrypt Volume Encryption client software into your native language, contact Jetico Technical Support.

Be confident all your data stays private. Trust BestCrypt Volume Encryption for your PC.


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