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BestCrypt Volume Encryption – Enterprise Edition Beta Out Now With Jetico Central Manager v.3

  • Enhanced Convenience, including
    - Web-based console to remotely manage all encryption activities
    - Pre-set encryption policies based on compliance requirements (HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Added Security, including
    - Audit logs
    - New encryption algorithms
  • Improved Performance
    - Support for server clustering


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BestCrypt Container for Data Encryption - File Encryption Software

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Are your stored files protected from unwanted eyes?
Take command of storing confidential data - lock up selected files and folders in encrypted containers.


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  1. Overview
  2. Features
  3. Support

Ensuring data security is critical when you keep private data or confidential information:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Credit Card Data (PCI-DSS)
  • Insurance and Financial Records
  • Student Information
  • Client Records and Customer Databases
  • Proprietary Information or Trade Secrets

BestCrypt Container Encryption prevents unintended data leaks by protecting any selected files or folders on an active computer, shared workstation or network storage.

Encrypted containers work like virtual drives – intuitively easy with transparent use and access to files. And thanks to compatibility on different operating systems, BestCrypt container files may be moved to any computer or storage media, working seamlessly between Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

BestCrypt Container Encryption - Enterprise Edition includes Jetico Central Manager to remotely deploy client software across all workstations, monitor usage of encrypted container files and centrally manage recovery information necessary to access encrypted data in case of emergency.

Jetico Central Manager

Jetico Central Manager, included as a component in BestCrypt Container Encryption - Enterprise Edition, has been developed to enable a single person (Administrator) from a central administration computer to control all functions including the initial installation of the Administration Database on a Server and BestCrypt Container Encryption client software on any number of remote workstations.


Take command of all encryption activities

Jetico Central Manager enables an administrator to always monitor usage of encrypted data on remote workstations all across an enterprise network and includes a database for gathering and storing information from client computers, such as log information about deployment and updates of BestCrypt Container Encryption client modules or rescue information to recover encrypted data in case of emergency.


Be smart about security

Jetico Central Manager is a flexible and convenient tool for controlling client software on remote computers. Central management of a corporate network immediately results in greater reliability and security - far superior to allowing a large organization of computers to independently run data protection software on their own.



  • 2. Jetico Central Manager - Deployment Tab

System Requirements

Server and Client side: All Windows operating systems higher than Windows 98 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
Central management for Mac/Linux systems is now under development

Benefits & Advantages

Prevent unintended data leaks

BestCrypt Container Encryption protects any selected files or folders from leaking out. Nobody can get access to your private data unless they have the right password or keys.


Painless encryption to work easily and transparently

Thanks to access via virtual drives, BestCrypt Container Encryption is really easy to use. Once the password is verified, you can transparently access and use the data for any application - just the way you are used to working. No further actions are needed to keep new or altered files in a secure encrypted state.


Available on all major platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

BestCrypt Container Encryption supports all major operating systems – Windows, Mac OS and Linux – with the same level of advanced data protection to ensure that all your confidential data is accessible across all major platforms.


Gain peace of mind with strong encryption algorithms

BestCrypt Container Encryption utilizes a robust variety of strong encryption algorithms: AES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST and others. Each algorithm is implemented with the largest possible key size defined in the algorithm's specification. In addition to CBC and LRW encryption modes, BestCrypt utilizes the most secure XTS encryption mode.


Military-grade file wiping with BCWipe included

For data no longer needed, BestCrypt Container Encryption includes the full version of BCWipe. For over 10 years, BCWipe has been trusted as the de-facto standard for the U.S. Department of Defense, all of the top 10 U.S. Defense Contractors and many National Laboratories. Despite its industrial strength, BCWipe is still easy to use.


Central Management (now only for Windows)

  • Significantly reduced total cost of ownership, thanks to faster deployment times, minimized maintenance and superior data leak prevention
  • Centralized deployment and management of BestCrypt Container Encryption client software on remote computers from Jetico Central Manager (JCM) console
  • Monitor usage of encrypted container files and gather information from client computers in a central JCM database
  • Store all passwords and recovery information in JCM database, allowing security administrators to recover encrypted client data in case of emergency or forgotten password
  • Centralized logging
  • Compatible with systems management software (e.g., Microsoft SCCM, LANDesk)
    - After entering command line instructions, computers are automatically added to JCM database and installation of client software will start with reports displayed on Deployment tab
  • Support for Windows Active Directory (AD)
    - JCM can import computers listed in AD database


New Features & Added Benefits in v.9

Support for Dynamic Containers

Dynamic Containers allow your encrypted storage to expand as you go - maximum size is set at time of container creation, while actual container size grows as files are added.


Smart Free Space Monitoring

Version 9 is now smart enough to monitor and constantly indicate the amount of data that can be written to Dynamic Containers for optimized stability.


Instant access to containers

With BestCrypt users can start adding files immediately with instant access to encrypted containers. The BestCrypt container will finish encrypting in the background while users work with their sensitive information.


Support for Windows 10

BestCrypt users can now encrypt files on Windows 10.


Improved security in new key generator

Version 9 of BestCrypt Container Encryption delivers updated hash algorithms and support for hash-DRBG iteration count.


Overall improved performance

  • Support for containers larger than 2 TB
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Overall performance boost for a 30% speed increase compared to version 8


New improved GUI

Updated container creation interface and refreshed icons deliver an enhanced user experience.


Encryption Algorithms

  Windows Mac Linux
AES (Rijndael)*
GOST 28147-89 
Utilize XTS*, LRW and CBC encryption mode
- all with the largest possible key size




Alternative languages (only for client side and only for Windows)

Jetico is only responsible for the English language version. Yet many of our users have kindly contributed translations of the software so it appears in their native language. Jetico appreciates our open global community of dedicated users and enables the distribution of these user-contributed translations:

 Chinese simplified


We express our gratitude to contributors and believe their work is appreciated by other users. If you would like to translate BestCrypt Container Encryption into your native language, contact Jetico Technical Support.


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