Privacy Policy


Jetico takes your privacy very seriously and acts in all possible ways to protect it.

The terms and conditions covering the collection and use of information, when you disclose your identity to Jetico, purchase Jetico products, or request technical support and other assistance, are explained here.


What information is collected

  • Jetico stores information sent by your Internet browser while visiting the Jetico web site.
  • Jetico saves your email address, phone number, name and message content for further correspondence, when you send Jetico requests for technical support or other messages.
  • When you purchase Jetico products, we retain necessary information for billing and shipping purposes, and information of your product licenses


How the information is used

Jetico uses your information for the following purposes:

  • Information stored by the Jetico web server is used for statistical purposes only to help us develop better services for you.
  • When you submit questions to Jetico, request technical support, send us suggestions to enhance our products, or send other messages, your name, email address and/or phone number and your message are stored to enable our technical support team or sales department to communicate with you.
  • When you purchase Jetico products, information necessary to complete the commercial transaction is sent in encrypted form to an authorized agency. Information about your name, address and product licenses become available to selected Jetico personnel for further correspondence with you. Credit card information is used only for payment processing and is never retained for marketing or other purposes.


Sharing the information

Jetico does not sell, rent or lease the collected information or part of it to any third party.

Your suggestions concerning improvements of Jetico products may be discussed with other Jetico customers in personal correspondence or in open forums without revealing your identity. We may decide to express publicly our personal gratitude to you after receiving your permission.

Jetico may occasionally, after being authorized by you, share your contact information with our business partners who act on our behalf or publish your identity and other agreed information as a business reference.




To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. Most big websites do this too.


What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as contact information and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.


How the cookies are used

Cookies collect information about the use of our website. This information includes:

  • Type of Internet browser
  • Operating system
  • Domain name of the site from which you connect
  • Date and time
  • Duration of your visit
  • Number of visits
  • Average time spent on our website
  • Average time spent on the pages that you view

A cookie also contains a unique identification number that identifies your browser. This helps us recognize your browser when you visit our website again.


The data that we collect is used for marketing and statistical purposes.


Enabling these cookies is not strictly necessary for the website to work, but it will provide you with a better browsing experience. You can delete or block these cookies, but if you do that some features of this site may not work as intended.


We use both first-party and third-party cookies (marketing partner).
We use both session and permanent cookies.


How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – for details, see You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.


Third-party websites

We are not responsible for any third-party websites that you enter through our website. Our policy does not cover data collected by any third-party websites, so you should read the privacy statements of those websites carefully.