General features

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Store and Access Encrypted Files Easily via Virtual Drives

Encrypted virtual drives are visible as regular disks. Encryption/decryption is totally transparent for applications.


Create and Manage Multiple Containers

Number of containers is not limited. Size of container is limited by the partition size.


Mount Encrypted Drive as a Subfolder

In addition to usual drive letters, BestCrypt can mount encrypted drives as a subfolder of NTFS folder. So you are not limited by the number of free drive letters.


Define Usage in Multi-user Environment

BestCrypt containers can be mounted for the current user only, or for all users. Containers mounted for all users can be shared in the network for a group of users. BestCrypt can work in Terminal Service environment. BestCrypt remembers shared information, so that administrator does not need to share the folders again after each mounting.


Create and Access Containers Instantly

With BestCrypt users can start adding files immediately with instant access to encrypted containers. The BestCrypt container will finish encrypting in the background while users work with their sensitive information.


Work with Dynamic Containers

Dynamic Containers allow your encrypted storage to expand as you go - maximum size is set at time of container creation, while actual container size grows as files are added. For optimized stability and to prevent system crashes and data loss, Dynamic Containers feature Smart Free Space Monitoring technology. Jetico's unique innovation monitors system parameters and constantly indicates the amount of data that can be written to Dynamic Containers.


Move and Store Encrypted Containers across Windows, Linux, Mac and Android (Beta) Operating Systems


Upload and Share Containers in Cloud

Go beyond password protection, use BestCrypt in the cloud to upload and share your files with real security. Encrypted containers can be accessed on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems. Step-by-step instructions


Security enhancement

Enhanced Hidden Containers

BestCrypt supports one or more hidden containers inside outer container. It is impossible to define whether a shell container is concealing a hidden container or not. To learn how to create Hidden Containers, watch this how-to video.


Operations with Container Headers

Container's header can be (optionally) encrypted. It can be backed up and stored separately as a small file. The original header inside container can be wiped, that allows preventing password-guessing attack.



This low-level module, once it is turned on, works in the background when the user enters password in BestCrypt password box. Keyboard Filter prevents keyboard monitor utilities (keyloggers) from intercepting a real password that the user types


Support for Keyfiles

Users can add another level of authentication on top of standard password protection - a much beloved and missed feature of now-defunct TrueCrypt.


Support for Public Key Encryption

The software supports key pairs in standard formats PKCS #12, X.509 and PGP keys. Encrypt container with public key of other person to allow him/her to access data inside the container.


Support for Secret Sharing Schemes

This functionality allows a group of persons to share a single encrypted container so that only selected members of the group will be able to open the container.


Prevent Accidental Deletion of Containers with Container Guard

Container Guard protects your containers from being accidentally deleted or moved to another location by an unauthorized user.


  • Compress one or more Files in an Encrypted Archive with BCArchive
  • Wipe Files with BCWipe
  • Encode/Decode Text Data with BCTextEncoder
  • Encrypt Windows Swap File