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Jetico Product Release Notes:

BCWipe for UNIX v.1

Note: This document is regularly updated and is subject to change without notice. We invite you to share your feedback with us, including reporting issues with our products, via our online contact form at

Supported Operating Systems

BCWipe for UNIX is developed to be cross-platform and should run on any POSIX-compliant UNIX flavor. It was successfully tested on following systems:

Product Updates

28-April-2015 | v.1.9-13
22-April-2015 | v.1.9-12
12-January-2015 | v.1.9-11
16-March-2012 | v.1.9-9
14-February-2011 | v.1.9-8
24-September-2010 | v.1.9-7
08-June-2010 | v.1.9-6
09-February-2010 | v.1.9-4
10-September-2009 | v.1.9-3
20-May-2009 | v.1.9-2
28-April-2009 | v.1.9-1
28-August-2008 | v.1.7-7
04-February-2008 | v.1.7-3
20-December-2007 | v.1.7-2
11-December-2007 | v.1.7
17-February-2006 | v.1.6
24-March-2004 | v.1.4
29-August-2003 | v.1.3
18-October-2002 | v.1.2
01-October-2002  Image text