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Jetico Product Release Notes:

BCWipe for Mac v.1

Note: This document is regularly updated and is subject to change without notice. We invite you to share your feedback with us, including reporting issues with our products, via our online contact form at

Minimum System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

BCWipe for Mac supports the following operating systems (including 32 and 64-bit versions):

Product Updates

09-February-2017 | v.1.1.47

23-September-2016 | v.1.1.27

24-June-2016 | v.1.1.14

15-March-2016 | v.1.1
03-September-2014 | v.1.0.262
12-February-2014 | v.1.0.240
13-November-2013 | v.1.0.232
04-October-2013 | v.1.0.226
28-March-2012 | v.1.0

Commercial version 1.0 of BCWipe for Mac released.
  1. Compared Mac’s own ‘Secure Empty Trash’ feature, BCWipe offers the following added benefits:

13-December-2011 | v.1.0 Beta  Image text